CPR High School Requirement

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS. (CPR) and use of automatic external defibrillator (AED). (3.0) credit requirement. (f) Beginning in 2016, Washington State requires an increase in English credits from three (3.0) to four

Healthful Living Essential Standards Health Education …
Available to all students with a plan to phase in completion of CPR instruction as a high school graduation requirement by 2015.” Documentation efforts shall be initiated during the 2012-13 school year.” This requirement is aligned with our current eighth grade Health Education Essential

Legislators Introduce Hands-only CPR school requirement
State legislators have introduced a law that will make learning hands-only CPR training a high school graduation requirement.

CPR For High School Graduation Requirement
Should CPR be a graduation requirement for high school students? One writer thinks so and makes a case for online CPR courses.

CPR May Be required In Texas high schools | News – Home
SAN ANTONIO – Two bills pending in the Legislature would make CPR training a graduation requirement in Texas high schools. Lisa Cruz, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association that is supporting the legislation, said all high school students would undergo a 30-minute CPR course.

High School Graduation Requirements
High School Graduation Requirements Policy No. 2410P (CPR) and use of automatic external defibrillators (AED) Electives requirement will change to 5.5 credits. A High School and Beyond Plan and culminating project are also required.

CPR Training In High Schools: Is It Required?
Washington State Legislature recently made it a requirement for students to complete a CPR Course to graduate high school. What's your state's stance?

CPR Now high school Graduation requirement | Abc11.com
RALEIGH (WTVD) — North Carolina high school students have a new requirement before they can receive a diploma. Governor Bev Perdue signed a bill into law Thursday that requires all students be CPR certified.

School CPR – Free CPR Training For High School Students
The Student CPR program delivers free web-based CPR and AED training to high school students around the country.

The goal of the new CPR requirement is to make sure every Idaho student receives hands-on training in health class before they graduate from high school. This requirement will not be an added cost to schools or districts. Under the proposed rule,

CPR And First Aid Courses For San Diego Unified School
1 CPR and First Aid Courses for San Diego Unified School District Staff This is a brief description of the courses offered for CPR, and First Aid through SDUSD.