CPR High School Graduation Requirement

CPR Class Requirement – Urbandale Community School District
Urbandale High School, recognized as a State School of Character in 2007 by the Institute for Character Development, is a 4 year comprehensive high school with more than 100 semester course offerings in a wide range of subject areas, CPR Class Requirement.

High School Course Description And Registration Handbook
Successful completion of CPR instruction is required. Successfully complete the North Carolina High School Graduation Project This course will meet the Earth/Environmental Science high school graduation requirement.

AHA: CPR Training Should Be High School Graduation
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training should be a requirement for graduation from high school and should include instruction on the purpose of an automated external defibrillator and how to use one, according to an American Heart Association consensus statement released Jan. 10.

High School Graduation Requirements – Orting Middle School
2410BP Instruction High School Graduation Requirements A. The board will award an Orting High School diploma to every student enrolled in the district

Top Ten Things To Know Importance And Implementation Of …
That encourage the inclusion of CPR training programs in school curricula, only state that currently requires rigorous psychomotor skill based CPR be taught prior to high school graduation. The AHA recommends that training in CPR be a requirement for graduation from secondary

A.C.A. § 6-16-143 – PBworks
Student graduates from high school. (b) The course shall not be a certification process but shall follow the standards established by the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, or another nationally recognized organization

Class Of 2015 – John F. Kennedy High School
CPR is now required by the State of Iowa for high school graduation. This requirement will be addressed in PE classes. Freshmen Requirements All Kennedy freshmen are required to take language arts, math, science, and PE all three terms of the

CPR Blog AHA Sees Progress On CPR graduation requirement
AHA is making headway toward CPR training becoming a highschool graduation requirement in all states! I’m excited to report that both Tennessee and Minnesota have recently passed or strengthened legislation for students to receive this lifesaving training while in school.

Camden County High School
Camden County High School Graduation Project Learn CPR Emergency services graduation project requirement, I must successfully complete all components. Student signature: _____ Date: _____ Parent

CPR Certification Could Become Mandatory For Missouri high
Rep. Rick Stream’s bill would make certification in CPR a requirement for high school graduation.