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Baring the victim’s chest is an essential step for ensuring proper hand placement for CPR and subsequent placement of the AED pads. Having shirts on the manikins allows the students to practice baring the chest as part of the steps of CPR.

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Given an adult CPR manikin and a playing video demonstration, push on the chest to meet current standards for 100 compressions. Show proper hand position. Perform chest pushes to correct depth without stopping Show hand placement on forehead.

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When performing chest compressions, proper hand placement is very important. To locate the correct hand position place two fingers at the sternum (the spot where the lower ribs meet) then put the heel of your other hand next to your fingers (Figure 1).

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Learn the proper hand position for giving CPR chest compressions in this free video clip on basic first aid.

CPR In Adults: Positioning Your Hands For Chest Compressions
CPR in Adults: Positioning Your Hands for Chest Compressions. If an adult or child is not breathing normally, find the compression landmark. Kneel next to the person.

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American Heart Association's guidelines dictate that Adult CPR is performed on any person over the age of 8. When performing chest compressions, proper hand placement is very important. Place two fingers on the victim's sternum

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Hands-Only™ CPR Can Save Lives. Most people who experience cardiac arrest at home, work or in a public location die because they don't receive immediate CPR from someone on the scene.

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The American Red Cross (ARC) program reflects the 2010 First Aid Guidelines and Consensus on Science for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC). • Find hand placement (place your hand on the center of the victims chest (sternum/breastbone);

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Table of Contents ! Introduction: 4 ! Placement: 5-12 ! Standard Hand Grip (Rescuer at side of victim): 13-16 ! Pediatric Hand Grip: 17

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Because hand placement affects the quality of CPR and because rescuers need to position their hands to give compressions as quickly as possible in order to minimize interruptions of compressions, ILCOR (2005)

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Learn more from our experts about how to position your hands while performing CPR on an adult.