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Quick Guide of Steps of CPR for Adults: Ensure Personal Safety Assess Victim (Tap and Shout) Assess Breathing Call 911/Get Additional Help Circulation: Begin Chest Compressions

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Here are some technical specifications to keep in mind for CPR on the Adult when alone: Attempt a 30 to 2 ratio. That’s 30 compressions, briefly pause and give 2 ventilations (breaths), then repeat until help arrives.

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Family & Friends CPR DVD with FREE Facilitator Guide (Product # 90-1033) Q: Can the Family & Friends CPR DVD be purchased separate from the Facilitator Guide? A: No. It is offered free with purchase of the DVD.

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CPR Study Guide. General *You do not need to be certified in order to help someone in need. *Always protect yourself from disease by using barriers such as gloves and masks when giving care.

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CPR Study Guide Page1. STUDY GUIDE BASIC LIFE SUPPORT Page 1 of 2 OBJECTIVES: Immediately after initial basic CPR training and for up to 2 years after, a rescuer should be able to:

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Www.505cprstat.com. This is a general study guide. If you are confused on this material we strongly recommend purchasing an AHA BLS book. Adult CPR

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Your complete guide to first aid, first aid kits, what is in a first aid kit and how to perform first aid.

Study guide And Quick Reference Sheet For Heartsaver AED Course.
Study guide and quick reference sheet for Heartsaver AED course. CPR ADULT & OLDER CHILD (puberty and older) CHILD (1-8 years old) INFANT (up to 1 year old)

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The new 2010 CPR Guidelines are out. These guidelines really aren’t a substantial change from the past as far as CPR is concerned. Interestingly enough, the American Heart Association has chosen to change some of the steps of CPR.

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CPR Guidelines The CPR guidelines change from time to time so that the rescuers are up-to-date with the current knowledge. The new guidelines were introduced in the year 2010, the basic agenda for these new set of guidelines was simplifying the process for the rescuers and increase the amount of