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Knowing CPR is an essential skill that can potentially save a life. These training manikins will ensure that you know what you're doing in the event of an emergency.

Medical Emergencies And First Aid – McGraw-Hill
Learning Outcomes 43.1 Discuss the importance of first aid during a medical emergency. the Patient How to prevent and handle medical emergencies Encourage patients and families to learn first aid and CPR Provide first-aid kit checklist How to access EMS and to keep emergency numbers

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Our CPR & AED Emergency Kit is a perfect solution for quick emergency response.

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Call for assistance/someone to bring oxygen and emergency kit 5. ensure open and unobstructed airway resuscitation (CPR), and call for emergency medical services Condition Signs and symptoms Treatment Drug dosage Drug delivery* Allergic reaction

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Car Emergency Kit Supplies to keep in the trunk of your car in case of a breakdown or other emergency Spare tire, jack, tire iron First-aid kit CPR barrier Headlamp w/ batteries 72-hour Kits 1 kit for each family member. Kept in backpacks for easy carrying

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Emergency Kit for your Car Long Term: Physical Necessities: At least 1 gallon of water (don Toilet Paper Roll Wet Wipes Blanket First Aid Helps: First Aid Kit CPR instructions Blanket Whistle Multi functional knife Tow straps/rope Duct Tape Road Side Flares/Reflecting Triangle LED Flashlight

American Red Cross Preparedness Guide For Hurricane Season
Check your emergency evacuation supplies. Board up or put storm shutters on windows. Keep disaster checklist in your disaster supplies kit. CPR, defibrillator use and much more. Volunteer Give of yourself.

First Responder Tool Kit
The American Heart Association (AHA) Family & Friends CPR Anytime Kit ® is an effective tool to accomplish this. The kit includes an inflatable manikin, Cub Foods has done a great job of creating a workplace program to support CPR training and emergency response in their stores.

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Our CPR & AED Emergency Kit is a perfect solution for quick emergency response.