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HEARTBEAT (East Suffolk) Newsletter
Regalia and videos —– 18 Travel Defibrillator/CPR Training Karen Hughes (01473) 602093 Editor of Pulse Carol Nunn (01473) 253766 Defib. & C.P.R. training

Public Access Defibrillation Programs – Physio-Control
And videos or put on major events with celebrities or sports istration of CPR, Early Defibrillation, and Early Access published an SCA Basic Survival checklist on its Web site, www.early-defib.org. Also, the International Association of Fire Chiefs annually recognizes excellent programs

Dane County Emergency Medical Services Newsletter
Pediatric Defib Page 3 West Nile Virus Page 4 Farewell to Ray Peña Page 5 Strategic Planning CPR for infants in respiratory arrest consists mainly of airway management and rescue breathing. New PULSE™ Videos Available

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Defib, AED Batteries 82 Communications Batteries 83 Lights/Lighting CPR 140 CPR Training 141 CPR Equipment Digital Surveillance 150 Conferences & Trade Shows Education & Training 160 Books, Publications, Videos 161 Child Safety Education 162 ConEd, Distance Based, Online Education 163

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Telemetry/EKG/Pacers – Faculty Site Listing
DURING CPR IT INCREASES HEART AND BRAIN FLOW. Nursing Interventions: monitor, if ptunconscious,immed. defib. Torsades de pointe. This is a polymorphic VT. http://videos.reinolla.tv/winners/pe/ ST elevation. 5 Steps to 12 Lead Interpretation 1.

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