CPR Classes, Training, Certification in Raleigh, North Carolina

With a considerable number of options available in the Triangle area for CPR classes, how is one to determine the best match for your particular needs? Different companies offer a variety of CPR classes and CPR certification, with different levels that may be more suitable to one group than to another. Whether you are attempting to obtain CPR certification or just want a little bit of CPR training, there’s an organization in the Triangle that will meet your needs. For the purposes of this discussion, I limited my results to Raleigh, North Carolina.

One of the best-known providers for CPR classes and CPR certification is the Red Cross, and the Triangle Area Red Cross offers a plethora of classes that can meet almost any need. As far as CPR class providers go, the Red Cross offers the most flexibility and variety of services, though the cost is a bit higher than some other providers. Not only does the Red Cross offer classes at different locations throughout the community for CPR classes, but they also offer workplace CPR training. CPR certification is a given through the Red Cross. Adult/child classes run approximately $55-66, with CPR training involving infant CPR certification running a bit higher. The Red Cross also offers AED (automated external defibrillator) training for a small extra cost. CPR classes consist of two weekday nights or one full day on a Saturday, though some classes are broken into different parts so that participants might be able to attend only the relevant section (for instance, CPR for adult/child will be in the morning, with first aid in the afternoon). The website provides the specific information regarding how to register (you can even register online).

CPR Consultants is another provider of CPR classes. Like the Red Cross, CPR Consultants provides CPR classes both at community locations and in the workplace. Unlike the Red Cross, CPR Consultants also includes options for CPR classes that do not result in CPR certification. These classes are less expensive (about $25). Classes resulting in CPR certification cost $45 for adult/child and $50 for adult/child/infant through their main location at Millbrook.

Triangle CPR provides certification through the American Heart Association. Run by an individual instructor, CPR classes taken through this organization are geared towards health professionals. Pricing depends on number of people attending the CPR class. The fewer people attending the CPR class, the more expensive per person, with prices starting at $45 per person for groups larger than 5 for Basic Life Support and going as high as $60 per person for one to two people for Basic Life Support.