CPR Certification Classes – Who Is Qualified To Teach?

Deep in your heart you know that you need to take CPR certification classes but because of too many organizations today who promise a better and accurate CPR learning, you may have doubts whether to pursue the learning or not. The thing is you have to do it! But you have to investigate each schools or online schools for accreditation and certification. If you are decided to take CPR certification classes, start looking today for an institution where you can be comfortable and convenient to learn the process.

It doesn't matter if you decide to take CPR certification classes online or in traditional school, since both will give you proper training and certification anyway. What is important is check whether the Instructor of a certain organization is certified to teach or not.

Basically the courses are offered with the accreditation from the Red Cross and the American Health Association. Without the certification from either of the two, more so if the instructor is not certified to teach, then look for another Institution that is genuine. Remember, anyone can get certification to practice CPR but not everyone can get certification to teach CPR.

Medical practitioners are also allowed to teach the CPR certification classes provided they are accredited by the Red Cross and the American Health Association. These two organizations are responsible to accredit health provider to do the training, and a certification to allow them to teach the CPR in a class or group is also provided, without it no one is allowed to teach the CPR with certificate even if the person is knowledgeable enough to train.

In taking the CPR certification classes your main goal is to save lives on its first level aid. Meaning you cannot do more than that. You are not allowed to do medical procedures other than first aid or resuscitation. Once you are in a situation, you have to give CPR, first aid and basic medical help but not to the extent that you will do suturing and neither you are allowed to decide and declare medical condition of the person suffering from diseases.