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Infant CPR Class. This class is led by a certified CPR instuctor and intended for those who want to learn CPR but don't need certification. It's ideal for new parents, grandparents and anyone interested in learning life–saving techniques.

Infant CPR Summary Sheet – Pages – Patient Education Home
For CPR step by step instruction, read the handout Infant CPR. Check baby for response. If there is no response, and you do not see breathing or movement after trying to awaken the baby, start CPR. Ask someone to call 911 for help. Do not leave baby.

Infant CPR
Are you alone? … After 5 cycles of CPR … call 911 Give 30 compression rate of at least 100 a minute Send someone for help Give 2 slow breaths Take 1 second for each breath Continue CPR until baby responds or help comes 30 fast compressions … 2 breaths .

Infant CPR – Pages – Patient Education Home
Page 2 If your baby does not seem to be breathing, stimulate the baby. Rub the baby’s back or flick the bottom of the baby’s foot to

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Infant CPR Anytime – American Heart Association
The AHA?s Infant CPR Anytime personal learning program makes it possible for anyone to learn how to relieve choking infant and perform infant CPR.

Infant CPR
Infant CPR 1. CHECK THE SCENE for safety 2.CHECK THE Baby for responsiveness 3. IF NO RESPONSE, CALL 9-1-1 (if you are alone and caring for a child or infant give 2 minutes of care, then call 9-1-1)

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The ongoing development of our CPR training solutions remains at the heart of our mission – helping save lives. Resusci Anne QCPR Resusci® Baby QCPR The Resusci® Baby QCPR® set a new standard for high quality infant CPR training.

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Complete online First Aid Certification Course and online CPR Certification Course, complete free test and get your certificate online instantly.

The Life Support Site – CPR: Baby
This procedure should be followed when you encounter a baby casualty. Dangers: Check for your own safety and the safety of the casualty. In particular, look out for sharp objects, broken glass, electrical wires (ensure these are not live) and objects which may fall down.