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American Heart Association’s new Infant CPR Anytime™ Personal Learning Program. The program began at the hospital in August, The program consists of a kit that includes a unique infant CPR Learning Manikin, a 22-minute training DVD, and two foldout Quick-Reference Skills Reminders.

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The CPR Anytime kit is a non-certification course and provides all the skills needed to provide care in an emergency . If you prefer to provide course completion cards from the American Heart Association (AHA), you can use this curriculum and the training kits .

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Heartsaver AED Anytime Question and Answer Document Product Knowledge Overview Q: What is Heartsaver AED Anytime? A: The Heartsaver AED CPR Anytime Personal Learning Program is designed to teach the core

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A pilot project using the CPR Anytime kit was carried out with South West CDC on 24 February 2008. SHF worked with Laerdal to modify the American CPR kit to suit Singapore’s local ethnic groups’ distinct cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Learn CPR In 22 Minutes With Family & Friends CPR Anytime
The CPR Anytime kit takes users through the training, from inflating the manikin, to doing chest compressions and rescue breathing. Mini Anne, the manikin included in each kit, is designed to accurately

Family & Friends® CPR Anytime® (Light Skin Kit)
This convenient package offers everything people need to learn basic adult and child CPR skills anytime and anyplace — including their own living rooms! Kit includes a DVD featuring practice-while-watching video segments, an inflatable Mini Anne(R) personal CPR manikin with light skin, a CPR

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Family & Friends CPR Anytime has been updated to reflect new science in the official 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care, including an emphasis on Hands-Only CPR for adult sudden cardiac arrest.

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One Family & Friends CPR Anytime kit can be used to train a large network of family and friends. To learn more about organizing a Family & Friends CPR Anytime program in your community, workplace or school, please contact the American Heart Association

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Product Description (DC)Infant CPR Anytime Kit-Light Skin This innovative self-directed learning program is designed to teach the core skills of Infant CPR and relief of choking in an infant in just 22 minutes.

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CPR Anytime Infant. This programed is designed for self learning in the home. In about 22 minutes you will know how to perform CPR and give releif from choking on an Infant.

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AHA 2010 Family & Friends CPR Anytime Kit, Light Skin-Learn the core skills needed to perform CPR (AHA 2010) in the comfort of your home with this personal CPR manikin and skills kit from the American Heart Association. The 22-minute bilingual (Engli