CPR and First Aid Training Can be Useful For Saving Human lives

CPR is the short form of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation which is a procedure performed to restore the functions of breathing and blood circulation. It is a short emergency procedure which saves your life in case you had cardiac arrest. CPR and first aid training are given to patients who have lost their normal breathing and it should be performed quickly and effectively before taking the patient to the hospital. The procedure of CPR is simple and you can easily learn it if you get trained.

The patient should be made to lie down on the floor and his chest should be compressed for minimum 5cm deep and the rate of compression made should be at least 100 times per minute. By making the pumping action the patient is helped to restore his breathing functions and blood circulation. Apart from this training is also given to give breathing by exhaling air into the mouth of the patient. Sometimes special devices are used for pumping air into the lungs of the patient. This procedure of giving artificial respiration is called ventilation.

In any case of emergency, CPR alone is not sufficient to recover the patient. It can help to regulate the blood flow to the brain and to delay the tissue death of the brain. Further the patient should be given electric shock using defibrillation technique to restore the functions of the heart. If you take training in proper training institutes you can help the patient to recover in crucial moments. When someone gets heart attack, everybody in the room will be in a state of shock and panic so that no one would offer to do something immediately. In such cases within few seconds of heart attack, the person will be unable to breathe and it stops the blood supply to the brain.

The brain damage will advance gradually and in some cases it may end up the life. In such a situation you need not go in search of a doctor. Anyone who has undergone CPR training can help to save the patient

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