Course Content of Solar Panel Training Courses

The course content of solar panel training courses covers many important aspects of the solar career and industry. In addition to installation procedures, students have an opportunity to cover sales and design techniques. Currently employed individuals or people living in remote locations find that taking solar panel training courses online are a perfect solution to accomplishing their renewable energy education goals. Available courses include:

PV System Installation and Design

Students in PV system installation and design learn about photovoltaics (PV), or converting solar power into energy. Instructors cover alternating and direct currents (AC/DC) in addition to balance of system (BOS) components. BOS segments provide hands-on exploration of complete PV systems. Students learn about national electrical codes (NEC) and international building codes (IBC) in explicit detail. The course includes on and off-grid battery system primers, along with additional design instruction for off-battery grid schemes. Cost analysis components aide in learning to compute total project costs.
Solar Thermal Design and Installation

Solar thermal design and installation provides advanced installation and maintenance techniques. The class is especially important for individuals interested in installing solar hot water and solar-heated swimming pool units. Students learn about solar thermal systems, and selecting the correct system for each customer. Instructors explore differences between residential and commercial units. Most schools offer hands-on laboratory work for sample installations complete with racking systems and auxiliary heating. Comprehensive post-installation topics, including troubleshooting and data monitoring, help technicians maintain customer satisfaction.
NABCEP PV Installer Exam Prep

This course helps students prepare for certification in the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Students select a comprehensive refresher course or focus on exam areas they feel need the most attention. For example, some attendees opt to focus on NEC requirements, while others turn their attention to battery systems. Practice exams give students an idea of how they will score on the actual exam.

Solar Sales

Solar sales courses are perfect for individuals looking to start another type of renewable energy career. Potential sales personnel receive a full history on solar energy and learn about PV technologies and equipment currently available in the marketplace. Attendees learn about various systems and site analysis to aide customers in choosing the best solar system for their needs. Customer qualification and financing options help to ensure constant deal closings. According to instructors, students with previous sales experience excel in the course.
Solar panel training courses online include exam prep and introductory classes. Due to the importance of hands-on experience, advanced courses normally require live attendance. In addition to the above-mentioned courses, some schools offer additional online courses.
Renewable Energy for the Developing World

Students taking the class also learn methods for adapting solar technology to help rural communities. Attendees learn about solar cooking and electricity for community development. Classes work on using PV energy to create healthcare facilities. Instructors teach students about obtaining financing for potential renewable energy projects.
People are increasingly concerned about the impact their lifestyle has upon the environment. Solar panel training allows technicians to expand their business while providing ecologically friendly services. The previous courses are a sampling and many vary, depending on the school.