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Apple Coral Turquoise Heishi Necklace Necklaces & Pins Jewlery Southwest Indian Foundation

Turquoise And Mesh “Matrix” Necklace – Rings And Things
Add a crimp, a heishi bead, a coral bead, and a final heishi bead. String your needle around the last heishi bead, back through your coral bead until you have passed your last crimp bead. Crimp closed. 3.

Neo Traditional: Making History Now
Natural clay with turquoise and coral heishi inlay. 10"" h x 8 d. Neo Traditional: Making History Now. Tammy Garcia’s August 2012 Pottery Collection and Sale

CORAL 2012 – Heard Museum
CORAL . Bob and Raven Fox Matt and Barbara Korn. David Newark Paul and Valerie Piazza . ABALONE. Heishi Necklace. Second Place. Charlene Sanchez-Reano (San Felipe/Santo Domingo Pueblos) Thunderbird Mosaic Necklace. Div F – Metal Items (canteens, bowls,

1 Native American Turquoise Necklace W/bird 28 Silver Brooch …
47 Heishi Native American necklace w/turquoise, 18"l 48 Chevron 3-strand beads necklace, 22"l 49 Mrkd. & coral, 30"l 110 Native American Heishi necklace (18 "l) & matching earrings, white/purple 111 Native American 2-strand turquoise necklace,

Ellouise Padilla: Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico
Heishi (hee-shee) is a term referring to hand-made beads, usually as necklaces, created from any natural material such as turquoise, coral, abalone, serpentine, lapis, etc. Heishi is produced with the hands of patient and gifted crafts-

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This coral necklace is dramatic in every way. High quality coral is harder and harder to find and is now an endangered product. Here are FIVE strands

Turquoise And Silver: The Core Of Southwest Jewelry SOUTHWEST …
Inlaid turquoise and coral. HOPI The Hopi do OVERLAY. •Two sheets of silver are sandwiched. •Top sheet has cut-out design. Santo Domingo •Shellwork •Nuggets •Heishi Heishi are tiny cylindrical shell beads. •Jocla Jocla are turquoise nugget ear ornaments now worn on necklaces. Created

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Frank Ortiz Ten Strand Mediterranean Red Coral & Baby Olive Shell Fine Heishi Necklace: Frank Ortiz is, in fact, from San Felipe Pueblo. But San Felipe does not really have a jewelry making tradition, so most of its jewelers have learned the craft through intermarriage or friendship with

Coral Heishi Necklace – Native Direct
Native American made necklace with Coral and Heshi. The necklace is 18" long.

Red Bamboo Coral Heishi Spacer Beads (CO457)
These heishi spacer Bamboo Coral beads were dyed red. The strand measures 16" and there are approximately 115 beads per strand, each measures approximately 8mm in diameter x 3mm thick (0.5mm hole).