Computer Networking: Training Schools, Certifications and Jobs

If you consider yourself a computer geek, where you spend most of your time on the computer not just on gaming but on understanding the working of one, then you should consider computer training. And not just any kind of training, we are talking about computer networking. The scope for computer networkers is large and wide, so why not join in with some proper training and certification.

To become a computer networker, you need to know some basics, like the fact that the network is a way for computers to communicate through files, instant messages and other aspects. The network is sub divided into Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Global Area Network (GAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). At the bottom of it most companies use two networks – Microsoft and Novell.

Computer Networking Schools, Training and Certification

This networking, comes under the large umbrella of Computer Science, where the networking field is but one spoke. To be the best in the field of networking, it is important that you be an expert in your field with a well-rounded education that involved degrees from reputed schools, and training too.

More and more networking schools are coming up with the best and the most competitive curriculum and structure, but what is important while selecting a good school is to check the instructors. The courses need to be conducted by working professionals in the field of networking so as to get the best practical knowledge. Before you enroll into any of these schools, it is important to know your abilities and to have a clear picture of your future in the field. This is possible by giving aptitude tests prior to enrollment. It is advisable to start off any course by certification courses. This will not only give you a basis in the school but also help with application and enrollment. A vocational certification course will help in getting an Associate of Science (AS) Degree in Computer Science. Once the AS degree is done with, you can enroll into a school or college which offers a Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Computer Science (PhD). Higher the level, better the specialization, and better the job prospects. Online school and colleges also offer these courses and certification, where you will learn everything from the basics to higher levels of the subject in question.

Computer Networking Jobs

Today everything works on networks so the demand for computer network experts and the demand for computer network support is high. A computer network engineer is responsible for handling the entire network of computers irrespective of which field he is working in. His role involves Internet working service, execution and development of software and hardware as per requirements. He is also responsible for creation of network topologies, which include building, maintenance, and administration of networks on the system. Troubleshooting for networks, hardware and software is also a part of his role as a network engineer.

Job activities of the Computer Network support staff or engineer include:

  • Setting up user accounts for the company.
  • Issuing passwords and authority for access.
  • Maintaining security levels for the Internet and Network junction.
  • Continuous monitoring of network activity and usage.
  • Installing and providing support for software and hardware.
  • Providing technical support to all involved in the use of computer.
  • Training to employees on new systems.
  • Future development plans.
  • Working with IT professionals.

If you enjoy the computer and its various networks and secrets then you should definitely pursue computer networking as a future that has so much potential for growth considering the boom in technology.