Computer Based Training For Average Joe

Computer based training or CBT training is a type of elearning, where content is delivered to the learners using CDs and DVDs and the primary source of delivery is a computer.

It can be used for teaching any subject or topic though CBT training is very effective for learning computer applications, as learners can practice them while learning. So, one can learn basics of Microsoft Excel or any other application like Photoshop or Word. There is an extensive range of subjects and topics available in this format today.

Computer based training is especially of use to working IT or non IT professionals who do not find time to attend traditional classes but want to acquire newer skills which will give their career a boost. These self paced courses are ideal for entry level trainees or even established professionals. A computer is only what is required and since most PCs come with CD-ROMS, these training videos are easy to view. It also allows the user the flexibility to view the videos at work or at home. Even while you are on the move, the videos can be viewed on the laptop.

Computer based training videos have instructors led sessions which makes one feel like he is actually attending a real class. The instructors are certified ones and have good experience of the industry. With vast industry knowledge, experts design the curriculum to give quality information to the learners. The computer based training videos will have in depth discussions, demos, exercises and presentations which results in more effective learning.

The hands on experiences that these videos offer can not be duplicated in theoretical books. The videos CDs have instructions, simulations and practice exams to go through every step systematically. There are reviews at the end of a section to ensure that you have learnt the topic well. As a learner, you can go back to the areas and re-read them unless you are comfortable with it.

It is imperative for small and big corporate companies to impart trainings to their employees, to keep them up to date in order to survive in the competitive environment and companies failing to do so, will find it hard to carry on in tough situations. Corporate training CBT courses are designed such that it allows any company to teach a particular content, to its employees at the same time. It is a very cost effective method of teaching new skills to the employees.