CNA Salary

Throughout the CNA training program, students begin to think of what their salary will be. Such is equally the case with already certified nursing assistants. The question about salary expectations is not an easy one. Keep in mind that the salary question will be influenced by a whole range of considerations such as the state where you work in, the locality of work, the training as well as experiences acquired. All of these will have a bearing on the sum of money that will be offered to a trained nursing assistant.

A common annual salary range for a qualified nursing assistant career borders between $20,000 and $30,000. Although most people would have expected this figure to go beyond this, it is nevertheless reasonable when considered that this is just a starting salary. It should be noted that hourly rates can be $11 and can even rise to $15.

Salary increments are always the expectations of most certified nursing assistants. This will however be possible only when experiences pile up. Often, experiences are added up while working. In most cases, your willingness to further your studies or skills will earn you more training and experience. This will further increase your potential for higher incomes.

In most cases, you will have to personally go in search of a job. Before you look for a job, make sure that you have carefully crafted what you expect to receive from the job. Monetary as well as educative benefits will always be expected to be gained from the job. Most jobs that offer some form of training will not pay as much as jobs which do not offer training. Keep in mind that such jobs offer you the potential of boosting your skills and adding up a rich wealth of experiences.

It is also common to find jobs on hourly or contractual basis. However, such jobs will provide no benefits as permanent jobs will do. But in terms of what is paid directly, these types of jobs pay high. This is the more reason why a lot of certified nursing assistants will go in for these jobs. Getting employed as a travel certified nursing assistant is also possible. But make sure you are aware of the implications of this type of job.

In some cases, passion for a profession is ranked above pay in the profession. This is the same for most CNA jobs. Keep in mind that a lot of people are just fascinated about being helpful to the lives of others. If you equally want to use such a profession as a means of bettering your career, you may pay little or no attention to remuneration.

If you judge a CNA income against the fact that people are passionate about being certified nursing assistants and that little or no cost and time is associated to the CNA training, it is thought that the pay package for certified nursing assistants is better.