Christian Colleges

Christian Colleges offer students unique opportunities to get their academic education in Christian environments. There are many Christian Colleges that provide solid academic programs in the context of commitment to moral and spiritual values.

Christian Colleges are often moderate in size and offer small classes. Students are able to become acquainted their fellow classmates and their instructors, which makes the educational experience more personal and meaningful, and allows for developing long-term friendships.

Christian Colleges are often accredited and able to provide strong academic programs for earning diplomas and certificates, and Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), Bachelor of Arts (BA), and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees. Areas of concentration include art and design, communications, biology, business, mathematics, chemistry, ministry leadership, English, exercise science, history, information systems, music, nursing, social work, education, and much more.

Education in Christian Colleges aims to involve the whole person. Numerous academic and interest clubs and organizations, intramural sports, track and field, summer classes, honors programs, and more are likely to be found on campuses of Christian Colleges. Students can expect to find that their intellectual, social, personal, and professional development and preparation will be the school’s priority. Upon graduation, students will be ready to function effectively in the technological world.

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