Choosing a Montessori School For Your Child

Traditional education is not for everyone. Some children are highly intelligent, and they would benefit from a more student-led approach to education. A Montessori school can offer this type of environment to students. Each school will differ slightly, but their general teaching philosophy will be similar.

Before opting for a less traditional teaching environment, make sure this is the best option for your child. If your child shows a great amount of creativity, leadership, and independence, then your child might be a good fit for the Montessori school model. For a child to succeed, they may need a higher level of emotional maturity than other children their age.

You also need to look at several factors: location, facility, cost, staff, and reputation. By paying close attention to these details, you can insure that you send your child to the school that will best fit his or her needs.

It is extremely important to consider the location of the school. This school may not have a bus system or have busses that run to your residence. You will not want to drive too far in the morning, but there may be an option of carpooling if you know others who send their children to the Montessori school.

Next, take a look at the facility itself. Make sure that the building is not old and in bad condition. You would never want to run the risk of having your child in a school that has a mold problem or issues with leftover lead paint. A tour of the facility will help you to know whether you will be able to feel comfortable or not. If you have concerns, you can ask if there are any disclosures concerning the paint or mold. However, most privately owned schools have the private funding to keep their facilities in better condition than public schools.

You’ll also want to note the cost of tuition. You will want to research and discover the cost of each school, as they will differ from place to place. You also need to consider the staff as you look for the right place to send your child. Once you collect all of your research, you should be able to make an educated decision.

As you make your final decisions, it would be wise to read online reviews for each Montessori school that you are considering. These are not always accurate, but they may help you to make your final decision.