Child Safety Tips for First Aid

Sometimes in life, you may face an emergency that will require you to administer first aid on your child. But sadly, not everyone knows how to take first aid measures on their children. Child safety tips for first aid is something all parents, teachers, daycare providers, and such should learn. You never know what could happen, and it is always good to be prepared by knowing what to do.

If you are someone who does not know the first aid measures to take, then don’t worry, you can always learn. Here are the child safety tips for first aid, to help prepare you for any unfortunate accidents that may occur.

Tips On First Aid For Kids:

If a baby swallow a solid object or food that is too big, then they can begin to choke on it. If this happens, then immediately lie the child on the abdomen in a head low position. Then, press on the abdomen backwards and towards the chest. You also may find that stroking the upper back may help as well. If it does not help and the baby or child continues to choke, then call for someone who is trained for this kind of an emergency, such as an ambulance.

Accidental Poisoning.
If your child accidentally swallows something they are not supposed to, then try to get it out of their body by inducing vomiting (except with kerosine & acids). Then wash the body with water to reduce any absorption through their skin. Identify the poison that the child consumed and take him or her to the nearest hospital. You can also call the poison control if you are unsure of these steps.

First off, remove the source of the heat. You do not want it to continue to burn the child. If their clothing is burned, remove it immediately. Place the burns under clean cold water. Use a sterile cotton to cover the wound. Then, take your child to the nearest hospital.

Use clean water to clean out the wound. Compress the wound to stop it from bleeding by raising the wound above heart level. You can also compress the blood vessels. Then, dress the wound with a sterile cotton and a bandage. Call your child’s doctor to let him or her know of what has happened.

Drowning In The Bath Tub.
If this happens, take the baby or child out of the tub immediately. Keep their head in a low position. Gently press the abdomen or give the child mouth to mouth CPR, sucking until the airway is clear. You want to administer the mouth to mouth and a cardiac massage. Then, call an ambulance to take them to the nearest hospital, or take them yourself.

Electric Shock.
First of all, stop the electric shock. Next, examine the child to see how hurt they are. If he or she is not breathing, administer mouth to mouth breath along with a cardiac massage. Then take them to the nearest hospital or call an ambulance.

There you have it, child safety tips for first aid, so that way you are prepared for any emergencies that may occur. If you are still worried, then do not ever be afraid to talk to your child’s physician and ask questions. You may be able to handle the emergency yourself, or you may need to call for assistance. So you should be sure you have the child’s physician, the ambulance, poison control, hospital, and other emergency numbers written down and / or on the speed dial of the phone. Remember, do not panic. Try to remain calm, handle the emergency, and call for help if needed.

If you take the proper precautions and learn all that you need to with the child safety tips for first aid, then both you and your child will get through possible emergencies.