Certain Jobs That Needs CPR Training

In this day and age, it is impossible to tell when or where an accident might occur which is why people needs to be knowledgeable when it comes to performing CPR. People you know might get into an accident and might require CPR. You can save a life if you are knowledgeable in performing this technique.


Most jobs nowadays require this training most especially those with health care courses because their jobs are more likely to get exposed in situations like respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, and so on. Doing the techniques properly is important in order to pass the training. The provider of this method has to be knowledgeable in the theories learned during the training class. This method has saved millions of lives which is why it is important to perform the proper techniques very well.

These are the jobs that need to undergo CPR training:

Doctor: These experts are required to take and pass the cardiopulmonary resuscitation training since they are treating clients with heart problems, respiratory issues, and so on. Sure there is another good alternative to CPR such as the AED or the Automated External Defibrillator but there are times when this tool may not be around.

Nurse: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification is also required to be taken by individuals who take nursing courses. The person needs to take and pass the exam in order to acquire a certificate. If the doctor is not around, then the responsibility of taking care of the patient will fall in the nurse’s hands.

Paramedic: Like nurses and doctors, these professionals are also required to undergo cardiopulmonary resuscitation class. Whenever there’s an accident, the hospital sends the paramedics in order to provide assistance to those who are in need of a first aid. These experts can help a patient in different ways including CPR. Since they are experts with regard to providing this type of procedure, they can help extend someone else’s life as well as make it possible for the patient to reach the hospital for further treatment. Renewal of certification is also important as it helps update the knowledge of the expert.

Lifeguard: CPR certification is required for all lifeguards and one cannot work in this field without it. In order to save someone who drowned, the professional must be able to perform this powerful technique. It’s not an option to wait for the paramedics to arrive as the client might acquire serious brain damage or worse because of lack of oxygen. The expert needs to take control during these happenings since it could really help extend a person’s life. Check out the CPR Class options right here.

Fireman: These experts need to acquire cardiopulmonary resuscitation training because the people they help during fires will most likely need CPR. Read more about CPR Training here.