Catholic Schools.

From Jim Saraco, Superintendent of Education & Ann Perron,

Director of Education, TCDSB Re “Vote Responsibly for your Catholic

School Trustee on October 25” (C.L Website, Oct. 5/10) (Received

Nov. 24)

We are writing to advise that there are factual errors in the

article “Vote Responsibly for your Catholic School Trustee on

October 25th, published on October 5, 2010.

The statements made in this article misrepresent what happened at

the school on this occasion and the nature of the workshops that were


Contrary to what is suggested in your article, the school hosted an

event focusing on the board topic of social justice and several areas of

discrimination against individuals based on gender, sexual orientation

and those who are differently abled. These student-learning

opportunities addressed important issues of discrimination based on a

number of biases and encouraged the students who participated to embrace

understanding, inclusion and respect for all.

Your article incorrectly states that “the Principal went

against a directive from the Archdiocese not to invite anyone to do

workshops regarding same-sex relationships” The Principal did not

violate any directive from the Archdiocese of Toronto on the topic of

workshops on same-sex relationships as there was no directive issued.

With respect to what the school teaches on the issue of same-sex

relationships, the school’s curriculum faithfully adheres to the

Ontario Bishops’ approved document “Pastoral Guidelines to

Assist the Students of Same-Sex Orientation” The article

incorrectly identifies the principal of Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton

Catholic High School as being in the “Rainbow Project Photo”

The principal is not in the photo.

The TCDSB Mission statement clearly states that we strive to

provide “a safe and welcoming learning environment that is an

example of Christian community.” The principal of this school works

consistently and faithfully to achieve this mission.

Toronto, ON

Editor: The above-mentioned article was placed on our website on

October 5 in order to be in rime for the elections of October 25. It

never appeared in the November print edition which was slated to appear

after the election deadline. An apology has been placed on our website

for the errors mentioned in this letter.