Career of Today

You have many career options today and every field has stiff competition. Students don't have to confine to academic fields but explore new career opportunities. Petroleum engineering, architecture and jewellery designing are three such new career choices which are growing rapidly and attracting a huge mass of youth.
Career in Architecture:
In a country like India which is growing rapidly and also commercializing, there are many buildings and other structures erecting in different parts of the country.
In such a scenario, there is a huge demand of architects; which make it a much sought after career option.
If you have to apply for an architecture course in any college, you need to have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in 10th and 12th standard.
The Council of Architecture conducts an All India Examination. This examination allows your entry into the most renowned architecture colleges in India.
There are many jobs available in public sector and private sector. They can also work in ndustrial ventures, consultancy and private architectural firms, teaching institutions, real estate development firms etc.
Career in Petroleum Engineering:
Many people underestimate petroleum engineering as a career choice. This is mainly due to the lack of information and exposure given to this field.
However, it is one of the most lucrative and challenging jobs available today. Petroleum Engineers have to deal with natural resources of oil and work upon them.
There are many scholarship programmes available for this course as it is a little expensive. However, you get double the return once you get a job.
Government sector oil companies or private companies, all provide rich salaries to petroleum engineers.
Career in Jewellery Designing:
In a country like India, where women are laden with jewelleries, a career as a jewellery designer has to flourish.
Today, many colleges provide full fledged course in this field. This courses are available after completing graduation in any field. If you have a creative vision to mould and produce various designs from gems and stones and improvise the existing ones; you should choose this option.
Due to boom in gems and jewellery industry, this career has grown immensely. There are many job prospects like working in a designer store, research work, working under a brand, starting your own brand etc.
Architecture and petroleum require a science background, while jewellery designing is purely based on your creative abilities. These career options are growing at a fast pace not only in India but also all around the world.