Career Goals Statement Examples

“People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.” ~ Brian Tracy, famous self-help author.

Knowing what you want from life is something that can help you focus and channelize all your mental and physical energies to things that really matter to you in life. This is true in every aspect of life like relationships or career. From the career viewpoint, if you have well written short and long term objectives, then you can do a proper career planning for how to proceed to achieve those objectives. Stated simply, developing a habit of writing your career goal statements can have positive results in attainment of those goals.

How to Write a Career Objective Statement

All big corporate firms have an objective and a purpose for existence. These statements are for a firm but even at an individual level, we must have career objectives. So, if you haven’t yet written your career goal statements, then without much ado, follow these tips and then read, career goal statement examples to carve a blueprint of your career.

  • If you’re writing your career goals in a personal diary, then you can elaborate as long as you want, however, career objectives are mostly written in CV’s and in resume writing they have to be short and precise. Try to state your objectives in not more than 2-3 lines.
  • And since different job applications may require you to change your career objectives as per the designation and responsibilities, you have to be flexible in making changes.
  • Be very specific about what you want to do. However, don’t be rigid in your choices. Like if you want to be a computer programmer, then don’t just try to limit to some very specific language or domain. Give the firm some flexibility to consider you for various other computer programming positions.
  • Avoid using ‘I want to work as a computer engineer for software programming position’. Instead, start by saying, “to utilize my skills and abilities and to contribute in the development of software programming…”. Restrict the use of ‘I’ or ‘My.
  • Don’t sound grandiloquent. Keep the career objective simple and devoid of flowery language.

Examples of Career Goals and Objectives

The examples have been compiled from various sources like CV’s and personal mission statements. Here they are:

  • A marketing and sales position that demands proficiency in the creation and monitoring of promotions of pharmaceutical products to customers.
  • My career goal is to become the CEO of a leading publishing house and promote publishing works of writers who are talented and struggling to get a place in the media. Owning a publishing house has been my dream for the past 6 years and now after considerable experience as a publishing house manager, I wish to open an independent one.
  • Seeking a very challenging position in an organization where my administrative skills can be best used.
  • I would love to work long term in industries like infrastructure and construction where there is huge growth and development in the coming years.
  • Wish to join as a management trainee in market research department of a firm. Long term objectives include reaching to a managerial position by upgrading education, work experience and skills.
  • Want to work in research area of biotechnology and understand the intricacies of human cell.
  • Aspiring for a copywriter position in an ad agency to work there for five years. With capital investment after considerable work experience, dream to own an independent ad agency.
  • To work for a firm that helps me to design automobiles and where I can hone my designing skills. Pursue my postgraduate course in designing automobiles.

Lastly, the goals for your career may vary depending on every individual and hence, one should ensure that one is aware of his strengths, weaknesses and various factors that drive his personality. A proper SWOT analysis must be done to understand one’s personality so that one can be more aware about setting career goals. The more you know yourself, the better you can be aware about your choices.