Career for person who loves to listen to music.?

I can listen to music all day, everyday and they always say choose a career doing something you love. I was looking into music journalism but the pay is horrible, if any. I just want to know if there are any other careers out there, if not then I'll just go into accounting -.-

There are literally hundreds of careers in the music industry, you just have to decide what is the career best suited to your skills and interests, and then get the proper training/education. Of course, the music business is very competitive, and breaking into the industry is not easy. However, with a great deal of dedication and hard work, it is not impossible.

This site offers dozens of career profiles/job descriptions of careers in music:

There are also interviews with professionals working in music that talk about how they got started. Those may be helpful in helping you understand the career path.

Each profile describes the responsibilities of the job, the skills/education required (like what kind of degrees are useful) and tells you what to expect when starting your career. You simply need to read through some of these profiles and figure out what you would like to focus on. From there, I would suggest that you do some research of different schools that offer training and degrees in music business, entertainment business, recording arts, or similar areas. There are a lot of schools out there.

Be warned: There are so many websites out there that try to make you pay for information about entertainment careers or that make promises that you can easily start a career with no training by getting a paid subscription or buying a kit from them. These are scams. There is no need to pay for this kind of info. Also, not all sites have very accurate info. So look at more than one.