Career Advancement for Cloud Computing and IT Jobs: Certifications and Training

Of course you may already have the extensive experience, educational background, and real world accomplishments in information technology, software engineering, and web development and programming to get you the best positions in cloud technology in Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Seattle, Hong Kong, or Hyderabad. But in a rapidly expanding field where some employees simply re-write all of their resume experience to include key cloud computing terms, concepts, and anchors — if you complete real cloud computing training and earn the certifications now — you will have valid cloud credentials working in your favor. Combined with your previous performance and successes, you will likely be actively recruited by some of the top tier companies in this burgeoning technology: Amazon, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Rackspace,, Intel, VMware, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Dell, and many others. Or perhaps you’d like to get in the ground floor with smaller cloud computing providers, vendors, and companies because of their long term growth possibilities and agility in the new tech environment. Or maybe you would prefer to work in new areas — bringing the benefits of cloud computing architecture and data center solutions to professionals in a range of other fields — like health care, education, finance, government, etc.

It’s up to you in terms of the direction you can go with your global career. And with rapid change, consolidation, and increasing IT spending in this area, cloud computing may also prove to be — not only a fun and challenging career move — but a very lucrative job area for you and your family. Many of the available jobs in the cloud have six-figure starting salaries, competitive benefits packages, and some enticing offers of stock options and other equity compensation.

Professional Certification for Cloud Computing

If you already follow the cloud computing field closely and go to conferences like Cloud Connect, CCGrid, Secure Cloud, Google IO, CloudExpo, IEEE Cloud, the International Conference on Grid Computing Systems, and others — you know that the industry is scrambling to create training modules and programs to prepare all the necessary workers in this growth field of IT. The Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU Poly, Brooklyn) is one of the first institutions to even offer graduate courses on the subject. Their coursework focuses on IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service), and uses AWS and the Google App engine. They expect candidates to have prior experience programming Ruby, Java, or Python.