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The fully automatic Navigator is now better than ever. Built on the philosophy of keeping things simple, the Navigator is extremely reliable because it has few moving parts. Car Wash Equipment – Exterior Care: Automotive …
Car Wash Equipment from That old fuzzy car wash mitt was once a pristine, woolen suds machine, but over the last few summers, it’s started to show signs of age.

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Since car wash equipment varies by manufacturer, maintenance schedules and operator preferences, the observed variation may continue to be quite high. Type of car wash equipment used was the most significant factor in differences in water

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Car Wash Hazards Mike Yarnell Compliance Assistant November 8, 2011 Five Categories Self service Exterior rollover Exterior only Full service Detail shop Self Service Open bay having a coin-operated pressure sprayer, and sometimes a foaming brush connected to a large central pump Customer

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All Wash Inc. of South Florida expertly restores car wash equipment at a fraction of the cost of new systems. All equipment is subjected to our extensive & proven restoration process.

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Planning a Car Wash Planning begins with examining customer preferences. A review of the latest consumer survey data (including the 2001 ICA Study of

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Belanger Car Wash Equipment is a full line of Car Wash Systems, serviced by a global Car Wash Distributor network. 13-Month Warranty on all Car Wash Machines!

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Equipment Proposal The Belanger Car Wash Finance Program is a third party program offered by Coast Commercial Credit, LLC. Belanger, Inc. does not offer direct or indirect financing, and makes no guarantee that you will be able to obtain financing.

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Duty” wash equipment that is intended to provide 200,000 to 250,000 wash cycles in a five- to seven-year service life. respected as an innovator in car wash manufacturing for being the first to design equipment specifically for a soft cloth car wash.

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New Investor's Guide Introduction This Investor’s guide exists primarily for individuals who are looking into investing in the car wash industry for the first time, or who may only be curious as