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Some cars only have a symbol for the manufacturer. What name does the symbol stand for? Is there a list of symbols?

Power Sources On The Car Two power sources are used on Toyota vehicles. When the engine is not running or is being started, the battery provides power.

Examples of TERMS Proper Names Common Names Descriptive Phrases Ruby Cebu City The (Intension) and Extension Words are usually considered to be symbols, and the entities they symbolize Animal, substance, organism, thing, man Italian sports car, car, vehicle, Ferrari

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And their symbols What’s In a Product Name? Awesome Application: ing acronyms; sports team names; car, van and truck names; foreign words in common English usage; architectural terms; idioms; colors and patterns; cooking and food terms;

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Trademarks or manufacturers' names appear herein only because they are 11. Participants’ drawings for high speed police car with siren Symbols were developed from the ideas gathered in the population stereotype

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