Car Seat Age Regulations

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Child Car Seat Requirements. Florida law requires children under 5 years of age to be properly restrained no matter where they are seated in the vehicle.

Safety belts are required to be worn by drivers of passenger cars and their front seat passengers who are sixteen years of age and older. Effective August 28, 2006, both the driver and passengers who violate the seat belt provisions can be found guilty of an infraction and

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Children under age four must ride in a federally approved car seat. Effective November 24, 2009, New York State law requires that children ride in an appropriate car seat or booster seat until they reach their 8th birthday.

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For themselves and any front seat passengers under age 16. Front seat passengers age 16 and older are generally responsible for themselves. How does the Mandatory Child Restraint Law booster seat or child car seat. wear my safety belt?

Child under the age of 16 in a motor by law, must use a car seat or a booster seat if they are: under 8 years old, AND under 65 pounds, AND under 4'9". assessed demerit points as determined by regulations of the department, notwithstanding the provisions of AS 28.15.231 (b).

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Age Well Drive Smart Mentoring Translation Services Child Safety Seat Laws Highway Safety Corridors Senior the second is 2, weighs 30 pounds and rides in a forward facing car seat with a 5-point harness; the third is 2 weeks old, weighs 9 pounds and rides in a rear-facing infant seat.

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All children under age 8 to be in an approved child safety seat or booster seat, in all seating positions, unless 4 feet 9 inches or taller. Removing a child from a car seat to nurse while the vehicle is moving is prohibited.

This product meets the most stringent safety regulations. The safety of the car seat can only be guaranteed by the manufacturer when used by the original owner. do deteriorate with age and exposure to extreme temperatures.

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You might be surprised to learn not only what your state law is for child car seats, but how different they can be from state to state. Compare the state laws for car seats including rules for rear facing, child seats, booster seats, and seat belts.

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Car Seats, Booster Seats and Seat Belts. Please see for references Among children under 5 years of age, 451 lives were saved in 2004 due to child restraint use. flea markets and second hand stores or when there is no known history of the seat. Laws and Regulations

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Here is what you need to know about the Arizona law that requires children in vehicles to be in car seats or booster seats, including tips and resources for buying car seats.

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Beginning July 1, 2009, Minnesota state law requires that children age 7 and under be restrained in an appropriate, federally approved car seat or booster seat, unless the child is 4'9" or taller.