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Whining noise can be heard from oil pump. Turn steering wheel slowly or stop vehicle. Sound of fluid movement may be heard from gear valve and pump. This sound has nothing to do with steering performance or durability.

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2003 Honda Accord "Car leaks oil from oil pan, oil pan gasket leaking." Settlement 2003 Ford Explorer "Constant whining noise coming from the rear end." Settlement 2003 Ford Explorer "The fuel pump seems to have an electrical problem.

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Alternator Noise The alternator on a car can generate a “whiningnoise that that may be heard on your receiver, and may also be heard by others on your transmitter. If another operator tells you he is hearing a variable high-pitched whine on the signals from your mobile transmitter,

Ground Loops: Car Audio Hums And Whines – Car Tech
If you hear a whining noise whenever you use your car's aux in, a ground loop may be at fault.

Alternator/Generator noisewhining sound with engines RPM? 1) Check for damaged RCA cables. 2) Check the routing of the RCA cables (do not run signal and power cables parallel to each other). 3) Check the source unit for proper grounding.

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Noise Facts and Figures! • Nearly a third of people in Britain are Car Stereos 0 1 0 0 Vehicle Alarms 1 0 5 1 Outdoor Events 11 8 5 2 • Constant barking/whining of a dog can be disturbing or annoying for neighbours Car Makes whining noise Like Driving On …
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We just noticed that my husband's car (Subaru Impreza, 2004, 100K miles) is making a high-pitched whining/ringing noise. The thing is, it makes the noise when the engine is off.

Drive (FEAD) whining/bearing type noise. The noise may be coming from the right hand (RH) FEAD idler pulley that is in front of the right bank cylinder head. ACTION Do not assume that a condition described affects your car or truck. Contact a Ford,

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The car started making a whirring whining noise when I turned the steering wheel. I thought it was the cheap gas. I used better gas and additives, still the noise. I thought it was because the car was not warmed up enough when it was cold.