BSc Optometry Vs Diagnostic Radiography as a career?

Hi everyone, I'm currently a first year student studying (BSc Biomedical Science at University of Cardiff). Ive been at uni for 6 weeks now, made good friends however I don't think I can follow through three years of Biomedical Science as I believe its the not career for me. Two careers which particularly intrigued me are Optometry and Diagnostic Radiography and I just wanted to know which career would be best in terms of 1) finding employment after graduating, 2) highest salary or highest salary potential, 3) which career is currently in demand and finally 4) which career has better job opportunities in the middle east. This is because because one day I hope to relocate to the middle east. I understand that both careers are different from one another, and each career has its own focal points however based on the four things I outlined above which career do you think would be the best for me. Thank you in advance.

Hello friend. I have got your point. Your subject is very good. I think it is better to choose Diagnostic Radiography as your career because modern world needs it very much.

I think you should not think about salary at this time because if your performance will good, you will get good salary. In middle east Diagnostic Radiography is more demanded. So It may be the best for your future career. But one thing is that your career is your choice. If you have interest in any topic madly , you should give priority this. It is the best solution. Thanks.

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