Book Reviews: Best Dog Training Books

There are many of the best dog training books that are out in todays market. Many say they have the best way to help in the training of dogs, but there is only one man who has the compassion, the patience, and the knowhow of how to train both the dog itself and the human who owns them. His name is Cesar Millan, who is otherwise known as The Dog Whisperer. He has several dog training books that are out and he also has his own show that features how to help train dogs the correct way. Many may say there are others just as good as Cesar Millan, but when it comes to getting the dogs to do what you want, with a minimum of fuss, Cesar Millan is the one for you. Here is a brief review of the books that he has out.

Cesar’ Way: The Natural, Commonsense Guide to Understanding & Correcting All Common Dog Problems by Cesar Millan.

Cesar Millan gives us his insights on how dogs want to be dogs and that we should be the leader of the pack, not the dog itself. He mentions that dogs rather be a member of the pack, rather be followers than trying to control situations. If they feel that their person and their energy is low, he says that they will take over and try to be the leader until at which time, their people are ready to take back the leadership position. He says the way to train your dog is exercise, discipline, then affection. He quotes that ” You must be calm and assertive” so your dog will follow your what you want. He teaches humans so that they can help their animals.

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Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar’s Way to Transform Your Dog…and Your Life by Cesar Millan.

Cesar Millan gives his insight on techniques that he employs and the fundamentals that come with dogs and the science of animal behavior. This book helps those who need insight into their dog and themselves, plus he gives common sense ideas on how to become the boss of the family. By changing the way that you react and act, you can change the way the dog will act and react.

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A Member of the Family: Cesar Millan’s Guide to a Lifetime of Fulfillment With Your Dog.

This book helps you in regards to your dog who is just coming into the family and needs help in adjusting. It also helps those dogs who hate to be left alone and Cesar Millan gives techniques on how to help them adjust. He helps families adjust and pay attention to signals that you dog is giving so you can help the animal in ways that are amazing. He always has a saying that you as the owner must be the one to set the rules and limitations so the dog will know how to be in the family that he is in. Everything that you need for your dog to be happy is in this book.

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