Best Careers with English Literature Degrees

English Literature is one of the many fields of study that does not have an obvious career path. Entering the job market can be confusing for college graduates with English Literature degrees. However, there are many career options for English Literature graduates that take advantage of their skills and talents.

Web Writer

The Internet has a never-ending hunger for new content. Web writers answer this hunger by writing articles and providing copy for websites. The researching and writing skills learned in English Literature programs are invaluable in this type of work. Web writing work is often freelance. Freelance jobs offer great flexibility, but much less in the way of job benefits and steady pay.

Educational Publishing Editor

Educational publishers produce the books included in school curriculums. Those with English Literature degrees can put their knowledge to work working as an editor for English textbooks. Entry-level jobs in educational publishing are less glamorous. They may include fact checking books or ensuring that textbooks match specific curriculum standards for each state. However, these positions are stepping-stones to more fulfilling work.

Advertising Copywriter

The copy written for advertisements needs to be creative and catchy. English Literature graduates have written extensively as part of earning their degree. Working as an advertising copywriter means writing to suit the needs of various clients and coordinating with other advertising professionals.

Publishing Publicist

When a book is published, a publicist makes sure people know about it. A publicist or press agent for a book publisher writes the blurbs that appear on the book cover and composes press releases about the book and the author. They also contact media outlets and arrange for interviews and book signings. English literature graduates will enjoy the challenge of making new books bestsellers.

Literary Agent

A literary agent works on behalf of authors to get their books published. Literary agents look for new writing talent or they may be hired by established authors. Having a good eye for good writing that will sell is essential. English literature graduates will find their reading and analysis skills put to good use in this career. It is necessary to have good connections in the publishing world to be successful as a literary agent. Many agents start their careers at publishing houses.


English literature degrees translate well into positions as teachers or professors. Those with literature degrees find teaching to be a great way to share their love of the written word. To teach in public schools, it is necessary to be certified as a teacher. To teach at the college level, post-graduate degrees are required.