Be an IT Security Expert with summer training 2013 on Ethical Hacking

Every year huge amount of money is invested and major changes come just to ensure better security and privacy. But still there is no sure shot method of security in terms of information technology and computer science. There are innumerable no of risks and vulnerabilities in a network. It is a casual phenomenon that every year a lump sum amount of money and other private information of companies are been accessed by unfair means which causes huge losses to the companies and privacy and confidentiality of the people.

For this reason company always look for professionals having extra ordinary IT security skills. Ethical Hacking is one of the leading technologies used for protection and stealing information from any source of World Wide Web. Ethical Hacking is an emerging tool used by most of the organizations for testing network security. Information is an important source for any organization while executing business operations. Today most of the organizations and government agencies are adopting ethical hacking tools in order to secure important and sensitive informations. Ethical hackers perform security measures on behalf of organization owners. The ethical hacking system includes

  • Application testing
  • War Dialing
  • Network Testing
  • Wireless security
  • System hardening

The job of an Ethical Hacking professional include the following

  • Ethical hacking into a company’s network to find out what security loopholes need to be fixed
  • Creating security policy for an organization.
  • 24*7 remote management of security products like firewall.
  • Cyber forensics which includes clinical investigation of computer crimes/ frauds.

Graduates in any discipline can opt for this course but students with technical background have some preferences as it would be easier for them to understand the basic concepts of hacking. A good understanding of networks and hacking technology is required to become a successful certified Ethical hacking professional. It is important to understand the psychology and logics of the hacker’s mind so that they can come with more innovative and secure IT solutions. For this reason the students who have developed a passion to make a career in Ethical Hacking must get proper training and certification from a reputed industrial training organization that is at least surviving in the market for the last 5 yrs. They should also analyze about the training standards, benchmarking and quality of experts training the students. A well reputed and branded industrial training organization always works in the domain of software and electronic product development catering to the needs and requirements of the IT industry.

The demand for Ethical Hacking is booming across the world. All the organizations including banks, hotels, airlines, telecom companies, ITES companies, retail chains, police departments, government agencies need Ethical Hacking experts to protect themselves. There is excellent remuneration for a cyber security professional’s right from the beginning of their career and this even reaches higher with experience. One should be innovative is thinking and must be thoroughly trained to become a successful Ethical Hacking professional.