Basic Training of a Young Horse — How To Know If Your Horse Is Ready for Training

When it comes to understanding your horse, some simple common sense can take you quite a long distance when it comes to knowing if he or she is ready to work with you on some basic horse training. Actually, understanding whether your horse is in a receptive mood to easily learn what you want to teach him is much like understanding yourself when it comes to learning something new.

Think about it and ask yourself this… when you are run down and tired or you have just come through a situation that was emotionally draining, are you ready to take on any kind of concentrating, learning, or lots of physical activity? And even if you muster the energy to make an attempt, are you able to enjoy it?

Your horse feels much the same as you would in the above circumstances if he has been ridden for awhile or is tired from other training or is in bad shape for any other reason. Simply put, he is not going to be able to respond to you as well as you would like him to.

Like humans, your horse will do much better if he has a healthy and vigorous body with steady nerves. In that case, his brain can retain much more of whatever you attempt to teach him.

However, if your horse seems to feel dull or listless, it