Basic Elements Of Sales Training

A cold call has three basic elements:

1. You have never spoken to the individual you're calling.

2. They're not expecting your call.

3. They didn't request for you to contact them through some form of marketing material like a website or a newsletter.

But, if you've never had Sales Training, the end result of your could calls will end with more hang ups and/or rude up-front refusals than anything else. Without Sales Training, you might as well not make those calls in the first place.

For this reason, most salespersons will make a cold call only as a last resort. However, what separates most salespersons from the professional sales person is adequate Sales Training focused on how to make a cold call successful. What did Sales Training teach them and what do they do to be successful? They, the successful professional salespeople, work to change that cold call into a warm call. As they learned in their sales training classes, they learn why their most profitable clients previously bought from them. Then they research their markets to identify prospects that will benefit from the product or service and, through proper Sales Training, engage in a preliminary contact through referenced testimonials, hand-written notes introducing themselves an inviting the prospect to get in touch with them, and follow up on any contact made. Without being pushy or aggressive, they are encouraging the customer to come to them. And, without proper sales training, they'd never be able to do that.

It stands to reason that warm calls are better than cold calls when it comes to making a sale and the only way to create a warm call is to use those tried and true sales training techniques that open a bridge to the customer that will make him want to cross over to you!