Baby First Aid Kit

I always keep a first kid around at home and on the road. Its something I try to pass on to my children as well. I try and teach them about safety. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. With this being I found the child travel first aid kit to be useful. The medibag 117 Piece Kid Friendly First Aid Kit for the Whole family is recommended by doctors. It is also highly recommended in the juvenile industry. This kit is really appealing to kids.

The kit has friendly style bandages like smiley face red blue and yellow colored. Not only are they colored but they are Jr. Most first aid kits have regular one size fits all bandages. This kit has bandages to fit kids. It comes with 5 neon bandages and 10 junior bandages. You can find your burn gel, eye wash and a pair of Nitrile-Free Blue Exam Gloves. The front of the kit even has a place for your child to personalize it by writing their name. The medibag version is just right for your little ones. You want to be ready for anything. You can get the medibag kits for about 30% at amazon for only 12.99 (this price is for 2 kits…good deal). If you do some research you can see this is a good deal

This travel first aid kit has everything from thermometers and plastic tweezers specifically for kids. There is even sting relief. The makers of medibag say they want to have a sting free approach. Its also good to have a guide for specific incidents handy. With the medibag you get a first aid guide to help you through medical emergencies.

You should have a first aid kit in your car and home at least. If your kid plays sports its good to have a back up kit for them when they get injured. If its in your car you are already prepared. After a year you should be looking inside your kit for used or expired items to replace. When you purchase the medibag kids kit you get a free 45 item replacement mail in coupon. This alone can save you a few dollars in advance. The good thing about buying these kits is you don't have to keep buying them. For the same price of a couple snack your kid could be prepared.

There are many different brands and kits to choose from out there on the market. So how do you choose? Many of them have the same products inside which are pretty standard. How about an organization that uses your purchase to give back to the community. One positive thing you can get out of buying a medibag kit is your donation to a good cause. This child first aid kits are put together in the disabled community. There is nothing like giving back and helping someone else. Not only will you be looking out for your kids well being but you will be giving back to the community as well.