Attorney Marshall Davis Brown’S Tips for Law School Admissions Success

Attending law school is still a wise investment. Lifetime earning power increases with a law degree. A solid legal education provides people with the ability to comprehend the complex terrain of American law. So, attending law school is a no-brainer. The real issue for most people is whether law schools will admit them. Here are five tips, comprised by attorney Marshall Davis Brown, for getting into a quality law school.

1. Perform well on the LSAT.

Almost all law schools require applicants to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). This multi-hour, five-section exam is one of the most important factors in determining who gets into what law school. It is advisable that prospective students begin studying for the exam at least a year prior to applying. The reason for this seemingly early start is that December, the final exam period for the next admissions cycle, is too late for people who need a retest. Many applicants take the exam at least twice to maximize their scores. Early preparation allows people to take the exam with enough time remaining to receive scores and schedule a retest, if warranted. Those who begin studying later in the year often have only one opportunity to achieve the score needed to garner admission to a dream school.

2. Visit the School.

Though the legal field is adversarial by nature, most lawyers, such as Marshall Davis Brown, maintain a collegial spirit outside the courtroom. It is always a good idea for applicants to visit schools to present themselves as articulate, friendly and personable to the admissions staff. Visiting with a couple of law professors during their office hours is also advisable. Professors want eager students in their classes and vouch for candidates they know to be excited about the law. Moreover, prospective students who have spoken with a professor can then put this information on their application, strengthening the entire package.

3. Obtain External Funding.

Law school can be quite expensive. Though student loans are available, an applicant entering with funding from sources outside the law school financial aid office has an advantage, according to attorney Marshall Davis Brown. This display of initiative on the part of the applicant allows the financial aid office to save its funds for another needy student. The admissions office will be favorably disposed to the applicant arriving with some funding already in hand.

4. Secure Quality Recommendations.

Letters of recommendation are standard with law school application packages. A prospect with letters written by respected professors or legal practitioners, such as Marshall Davis Brown, has an advantage over others. Applicants should check out the web profile of their professors to ascertain those with specialties related to the law. If these professors have publications in well-read academic journals, then applicants should request letters from them. These letters will carry more weight than those sent by faculty members with marginal reputations in their field.

5. Participate in Extra-curricular Activities.

Since law school is a time-consuming endeavor, successful applicants should demonstrate that they possess good time management skills. One sure way to demonstrate such abilities is through participation in a few extra-curricular activities. Joining a couple of school clubs should help. Any experience working in the legal field almost ensures a more favorable application review.