Are there records of the Waffen SS physical training?

A friend brought this up to me and it made me curious. Does anyone know what the German Waffen SS did for military training in the 1930-1940s?

I would imagine it would be similar to everyone else's back then and likely even semi-modern but I have not seen anything official.

SS combat training consisted primarily of several months of intensive basic training with three objectives; physical fitness, small-arms proficiency and political indoctrination. The training was so intensive that one in three potentials failed to pass the course. After this basic training, the recruits would be sent to either to specialist schools where they received further training in their chosen combat arm. As the war progressed and replacements were required more frequently, particularly after the expansion of the Waffen-SS following the success of the SS-Panzerkorps at Kharkov, the intensity of the training was relaxed somewhat.

For officers, the focus was on leadership and combat command, usually at the SS-Junkerschüle at Bad Tölz. The process tended to produce outstanding soldiers and officers, and many of the basic tenents of Waffen-SS training are still used by many armed forces today. A strong emphasis was placed on creating a bond between the officers and men, and officer candidates were made to pass through basic training alongside the enlisted candidates. This created a mutual trust and respect between the officers and men, and meant that the relationship between these groups was very relaxed, unlike the Heer (German Army), where strict discipline and a policy of seperation between the officers and enlisted men existed.

In addition, training emphasised unit cohesion and mutual respect between officers and men, rather than strict discipline. In the Waffen-SS, it was not a requirement to salute officers and a more casual salute was adopted (the right arm raised vertically from the elbow – a relaxed version of the Heil salute. This salute is portrayed in many war films). Added to this, the practice of addressing a superior as Herr (“Sir”) was also forbidden, with everyone up to Himmler being addressed simply by their rank.


“At the heart of training was a mixture of athletics and field exercises designed to turn the Junkers into commanders. Thus, the facilities at Bad Tölz included a stadium for soccer, track and field events, separate halls for boxing, gymnastics and indoor ball games, and a heated swimming pool and sauna. The complex attracted outstanding talent. At one time, for example, eight of twelve coaches at Bad Tölz were national champions in their events.”


You should also do searches on Paul Hausser and Felix Steiner, both being founders of Waffen-SS training procedure.

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