Are nonpublic schools allowed to do this?

I live in the area of hurricane sandy. Almost every school district in my area has off tomorrow, including mine. I go to a nonpublic school and they say that they are open tomorrow. Since my district is closed that means I don't get transportation. I talked to a lot of the people in my school and all of there districts are closed too. I was just wondering if schools are allowed to open even though I don't get transportation?

Does it depend on the state?

Yes, they are allowed to open. Getting to and from there isn't their problem unless they are required to transport you. Since transportation is a quirk rather than a requirement, then it is up to you to find a way to get there or miss a day of school.

No, it doesn't depend on the state. If the school and the school grounds are in good condition to open for classes, then the school can open. As stated, unless they are required for some reason to provide transportation to the school, then opening without transportation being available isn't their concern. This might not make them too popular, but the choice is still theirs. So you need to find out if that is a requirement or not.

When I was going to school transportation wasn't provided or required for all parts of the district, and it just so happened that where I lived didn't get transportation to the schools until my senior year, even though I lived as far or farther away as some student that did get transportation. So I had to walk, anywhere from three to five miles in each direction. This isn't one of those “I had to walk far to school was I was young” lectures that adults give, it's just me pointing out that I have had experience with not having transportation to school when others did have it, and I still had to get to school anyway.