Airport Jobs in New York NY

The John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the busiest Airports in the world, handling more international traffic. Hence the employment possibilities are endless. Taking on airport jobs in New York NY is profitable for those who enjoy working in a fast paced environment. As an employer, the airport company provides a range of rewards and benefits. The contribution of each employee to the success of the business is recognized. Work conditions, however, vary according to the exact type of job obtained.

One of the benefits in working for the travel and tourism industry is meeting different people. It is an exciting sector for diversity and experience. In particular, employees in the airport receive great benefits like travel incentives, discounts, and opportunities of career development. They also offer remuneration packages including:

• Pension

• Employee assistance program

• Healthcare

• Lon-term car parking

• Travel offers

NY Airport Jobs & employment provides occupations that you may be interested in:

Travel Agents

You can work for a specific airline and handle customer service. Some of the task involves booking and check-in assistance for passengers. Applying directly to the airline company would be an easier way to get hired. The perks of being a travel agent is the travel ticket or vacation packages that the airline sponsors. A job opening as an agent can be competitive for that very reason.

Aircraft Mechanics

This is the position that most common for airport jobs in New York NY. An aircraft mechanic’s position is crucial for the safety of passengers. He does scheduled preventive maintenance on engines, landing gears and air conditioning. One mistake could cause a whole flight. The point of the job is to gather crucial diagnostic information on the plane’s basic operations.

Aircraft Traffic Controller

The men on the tower who control the movement of all air traffic. They work for the National Airspace System, ensuring that all planes are at a safe distance from each other. Aircraft Traffic Controllers coordinate plane landings and takeoffs and reduce delays. The point of the job is efficiency and safety of all aircraft.

Airport Operations Specialist

Another in the list of New York Airport Jobs is the specialist that coordinates time-line of planes leaving from taxiways and ramp surfaces by communicating with the control tower in repositioning aircraft on the tarmac. Other tasks involve weather issues affecting departing and arriving planes.

Baggage Handlers

The main duties of handlers are to load, unload and sort baggage from incoming and outgoing flights. Other tasks include scanning to ensure baggage are in placed properly and safe.

Nonetheless, the types of jobs in the aviation industry vary broadly from positions requiring extensive education and experience to jobs requiring nothing more than a high school diploma and willingness to learn on the job. NY Airport Jobs & employment ranges from commercial airline pilot which requires years of training and experience to positions that require no less than a high school diploma.