After-school activities.

triumph nowadays

PERHAPS the best thing for you to do after school with your child

is to engage in some Food 101.

If you want to get your little one thinking about where his food

comes from (and learn all that yourself, too), look no further than

Garden Organic for Schools ( See .org.

(networking) org – The top-level domain for organisations or individuals that don’t fit any other top-level domain (national, com, edu, or gov). Though many have .org domains, it was never intended to be limited to non-profit organisations.

RFC 1591. .uk).

Garden Organic has around 1,500 member schools across the UK who

are aiming to get kids thinking about food. It sounds simple enough, but

as more and more of us live in big cities, and our only interaction with

nature is to notice whether it’s raining or not, getting kids

planting and harvesting tomatoes and potatoes is actually a big deal.

If there isn’t a school near you that has such a programme,

why not sign yours up?

Joining is free and schools receive practical organic gardening

advice, free seeds, curriculum-based resources, activity sheets, a

quarterly newsletter and access to the website’s lesson plans and

ideas LIVERPOOL Liverpool,