Accounting Career Education and Training

Accounting Career Education and Training

An accounting career is an excellent field to consider going into. Jobs in this line of work are always high in demand, not to mention the fact that a person can earn a decent living working in the accounting field. There are education and training requirements that will be necessary in order to do this work efficiently, for most parts of the accounting field. Listed below are some areas in which a person can choose to work in for an accounting career.

On the job training.

Education and Training:

Bookkeeping Career:

An education is not required for a person to do basic bookkeeping, but if a person wishes to, he or she can receive an Associate in Applied Science in Accounting from an accredited college or university. This degree offers basic accounting and business knowledge. After a person works for two years as a bookkeeper, he or she can become a certified bookkeeper via the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).

Payroll Accounting Career:

A Bachelors degree is required in order for a person to be a payroll accountant. The education can take approximately four years to obtain. Exams might be required for this job, depending on what type of job a person is going to do.

An Accounting Career in Taxes:

If a person wishes to work for a small tax firm, most companies offer a class that consists of approximately six to eight weeks of basic tax knowledge and training. If a person wishes to work for big firms and be a tax accountant, he or she will need to obtain an AAS, BS, and a Masters degree in accounting. After this education is acquired, an exam might be required.

An Accountant Career:

An AAS, BS, and Masters degree is required to become an accountant. Most companies will require a person to have two to three years of experience as an accountant, as well, before he or she can be hired to work in this field. Also, a two day exam will be required in order to become a Certified Public Accountant.

There are many other job positions in the accounting world. A person can be a forensic accountant, tax or financial consultant, or an auditor. As stated in the beginning, many options are available to people in this career field.

A great thing that a college student can do while he or she is attending college (or during training) is to go and look through accounting career job ads and search for ones of interest. While searching for ones of interest, reading what employers are listing for job requirements can give a person an idea of what other education and/or training (if any extra is needed) he or she will need to begin a specific accounting job. Performing job searches while a student is in college and/or training will also help him or her to feel motivated and excited about this new career.