A Typical Day For a Radiology Technician

The radiology technician is responsible for having a list of scheduled patients that need x-rays taken that day. He gets the x-rays rooms ready before the first patient. The tech will then do a visual check of the equipment and make sure that there is film ready to use.

When the patient comes in, the tech leads them into the x-ray room and reads over the doctor's instructions on what part of the body he needs to see on an x-ray. All radiology techs know how to properly position the body of a patient as well as setting up the equipment properly over the patient. Before they can take operate the machine, they must put on their radiation badges and wear the iron apron to protect their own bodies.

The technician then shoots the x-ray and leads the patient out to the waiting room until they are sure the radiograph comes out clear and readable. The room is then cleaned up and readied for the next patient. This routine continues through out the day. During the day you will be communicating with the patients and doctors along with the radiologist.

If this type of work is interesting to you, and your communication skills are good, then you may want to consider a career as a radiology technician. In order to become certified and get your license you must first take the radiology technician college class. More than likely there will be a community college or university near you that offers that class, and you might also look online for that same program.

Most people choose to enroll in the two year program, which will give you an associate degree when you graduate. Before you can enroll you must be a high school graduate, or have a GED. Each program has little differences as far as pre-requisites are concerned. All the programs offer the same classes needed become a technician. You will have to do some of your class time in a hospital setting. This is called the clinical training. There you will be allowed to take x-rays under the supervision of a licensed radiology technician. This prepares you for what it is like in the real world as opposed to book learning. If you are ready for a new career as a radiology tech, there is not time like to present to get started.