A New Twist On The Classic High School Yearbook

At the end of the school year, teenagers rely on their high school yearbook to laugh, share memories of the school year, and find pictures of themselves, and their friends. The high school yearbook has been a staple project for students, to work together throughout the semesters, and to finally achieve the finished product, which is kept and cherished well into adulthood.


Recently students have been enthusiastic over a new variation on the classic high school yearbook. The buzz is on Yearbook Alive, the company who creates unique software, to create a digital high school yearbook. The beauty of this software is that kids can capture videos, photos and co-ordinate music and text, to match with their favorite moments from throughout the year.

The Digital High school Yearbook is Easy!

The high school yearbook is easy, and not only due to the tech savvy generation of today. The software is so simple and intuitive that Yearbook Alive offers their digital yearbook services to pre, and elementary students. The high school yearbook building process can be completed in three easy steps:

1. Build the project by adding grades, classes, events and staff descriptions. Add hours of photos, video, music and text.

2. Pick a template. Select between fifteen professionally designed style templates for the high school yearbook project, or create your own.

3. Copy the high school yearbook onto CD or DVD. It’s as easy as clicking a button and the program will let you know how much space is remaining, on the format of choice.

It is easy to see why this high school yearbook idea has become so popular. The technological age makes it even easier for teenagers to get creative with their digital cameras, video recorders and the computer. However, the best part is the option to re-sell the digital high school yearbooks at an unbelievable profit for fundraising.

The High School Yearbook that Makes Money

Unlike printed books of the past, the digital high school yearbook is incredibly cost-effective to produce. To buy CDs/DVDs in bulk costs approximately one dollar for each. Selling the high school year book for twenty dollars is not only less expensive than the traditional high school yearbook, but the profit makes the software a worthy investment for fundraising efforts.

Let’s not forget that the digital high school yearbook is paperless and supports the eco-conscious initiatives of many high school environmental clubs. The school can promote their high school yearbook with these original and modern selling points, to raise money for anything from local charities, to new computers.

The digital high school yearbook from Yearbook Alive has the option for multi-user usage. Teenagers will create wonderful memories, working as a team, to complete their high school yearbook project. Kids can have a blast taking videos, pictures, and brainstorming for the associating text. The music is a teenager’s favorite part of their high school yearbook creation, and definitely a unique component, which will still be enjoyed years down the road.

Yearbook Alive can be visited online, YearBookAlive.