A Guide to College Football Strength Training Programs

Are You Ready For Some Football?

It's one of America's favorite pastimes, allowing for friends and families to get together to watch a big game. There are many levels of football, starting from the very pee wee leagues going all the way up to the pros of the Packers, the Jets, the Saints, and the 49ers. For those future football players, dreams of holding up the Vince Lombardi cup and wearing a Super Bowl ring usually starts in youth, when playing in the road or the fields of parks and playgrounds is just a preview to what they hope to achieve.

But when should a player start to consider football as more than just a weekend sport to that of a school activity or even a career? What does a player need to know about strength training? When should they start? Here, we'll take a look at some college football strength training programs that can help players get the training they need.

College Football Strength Training Programs

Strength training in general is using exercise in order to increase muscle mass, gain speed and agility, and endurance. Strength training is an essential part for any sport or any athlete, as this helps them with speed, muscle memory, and endurance in long games, especially when they go into overtime. Strength training can involve many different types of exercise –

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