5 Entry-Level Medical Jobs for Prospective Medical Students

As high school seniors all across the country prepare for their final quarter of high school, many begin to contemplate about what they want to do in the future. Some want to go straight into the work force, others opt for military service, while many decide that college is the path that leads to eventual success.

Many of these future college students also look into medical school. Guess what? College, and especially medical school, cost large sums of money. While some may be lucky enough to earn a scholarship or save up enough money prior to starting college/medical school, most will have to pay as they go. This means getting a job and applying for grants and loans.


A job doesn’t have to be a drudgery for future medical students, however. There are plenty of medical jobs out there for college and even high school students. Many require about 3-6 months of outside training, but the experience one will gain in working these entry level medical jobs will provide valuable experience for a future medical professional. Besides, prior experience in the medical field looks good on medical school applications.

Listed here are 5 medical field jobs that seniors in high school can get with just a little training. Some of the training can be started during high school, while other job training will have to wait until after graduating.

1. Phlebotomists

Pay: About $12.50 an hour
Training: 60 hours of classroom study and 40 hours of externship
What they do: Phlebotomists draw blood, start IV’s, and perform any task related to blood draws. Obviously, they work with needles. Phlebotomists are also qualified to run simple blood tests, such as CBC’s. They can find work at hospitals, blood banks, doctors offices, and plasma centers. Great for students looking at getting into laboratory related jobs.

2. Certified Nursing Assistants

Pay: About $10 an hour
Training: 90 hours of classroom study and 30 hours of externship
What they do: CNA’s provide basic needs to patients in hospitals, long term care facilities, and inside people’s own homes. CNA’s work under registered nurses. Tasks include moving patients around, making beds, feeding those unable to feed themselves, and bathing bed ridden patients.

3. Laboratory Technicians

Pay: About $10.50 an hour
Training: 1 to 2 year certification training
What they do: Laboratory technicians prepare specimens, help collect specimens, and run routine specimen tests. They assist laboratory technologists and other more highly trained professionals, such as pathologists. Most Lab technicians are employed in laboratories found in hospitals and testing centers.

4. Dental Assistants

Pay: About $13 an hour
Training: A 6-12 month long class, depending on the institution
What they do: Dental assistants perform the teeth cleaning on patients that come in for routine check-ups. They also assist the dentist when the dentist is performing mouth operations such as cavity fillings, root canals, and tooth doing tooth replacements. Dental assistants work in dentists offices. However, since dentist offices are open during the daytime, this job may be difficult to work around a college schedule.

5. Pharmacy Technicians

Pay: About $13 an hour
Training: On-the-job
What they do: Pharmacy technicians work under Pharmacists. The techs do routine tasks such as counting tablets, labeling prescription bottles, and aid in preparing medications. Pharmacy technicians work in hospitals, grocery stores, and any other place where a pharmacy can be found.

Many other opportunities lie out in the world. These are just some of the more lucrative options for college students. Try looking into your local hospitals, doctors offices, and long term care facilities to see what other types of job options. There are plenty of potential jobs in the medical field. It is the fastest growing field in America right now. One simply needs to get out there and look for the available career opportunities, and good things will likely come of it.