5 Best Career Aptitude Tests to Help You Find the Perfect Job

In his New York Times best-selling career counseling book, What Color Is Your Parachute, Richard Nelson Bolles looks at that all important question-What was I put on this earth to do? One way to find out is through career aptitude tests. The answer may confirm what you already know, or open up new vistas for you to explore. Career testing is not prophetic, it cannot tell your future. From start to finish you are an explorer out to find the most important treasure of all-you life’s purpose. Whether you are 16 or 60, the question of career aptitude never fades away. As you evolve, so does your mind and the roles it wishes to explore. It is then that career aptitude tests open up a new book for you, giving you some ideas as to how to fill the blank pages.

Remember that career aptitude tests are all about what you already possess. The trick is to shine a light on your strengths and show you a path in which they can become your best intellectual assets. People who succeed at their careers do so because they would have scored well on a career aptitude test for their job. In that respect, we all have it in us to be successful, so long as we have chosen our career well. The following career aptitude tests can be gatekeepers to your own subconscious. By taking more than one career aptitude test you can assess not only who you are, but which gatekeeper best reveals your inner self. Finally, each of these career tests is recognized as one of the best by professional career counselors. Therefore, you can expect the results of your job aptitude test to be well-rounded representations of who you are and what you were put on this earth to do.

Best Career Aptitude Tests: #1. PRINCETON REVIEW

The Princeton Review offers an excellent 5 minute career aptitude test that you can take online for free. In addition, they offer hundreds of career aptitude profiles, listing all the strengths required for each job. Once you have taken the 5 minute job aptitude test, the Princeton Review will recommend not only jobs based on your career aptitude results, but also schools that would best suit your needs, as well as in-depth analysis of these schools to help you rank them. Begin by visiting the Princeton Review and registering for free. If you don’t want to provide any information about yourself, simply register with your email and password, then stop the registration process and head straight to the “Careers” or begin with the 5 minute career aptitude test.

Best Career Aptitude Tests: #2 CAROLYN KALIL

Carolyn Kalil offers a wonderful career aptitude test called the True Colors Test. Dividing personalities into 4 main career aptitude groups, this test will help you determine what color is most dominant in you and whether there are other colors that play an important role in who you are. Each of the four career aptitude colors indicates a proclivity into specific fields of employment. The four career aptitude (or personality) colors are: Blue, Gold, Green and Orange. Blue stands for Compassionate, Gold for Conventional, Green for Conceptual, and Orange for Courageous. It’s fun to see the pictorial representation of the personality type for each color. And the free career aptitude test is fun to take. So give the free True Colors Career Aptitude Test a try. And if you like the test you can buy the full personality (career aptitude) analysis for a nominal fee.

Best Career Aptitude Tests: #3. DR. JOHN HOLLAND

Dr. Holland is a leading figure in career vocation and job aptitude determination. Likewise, the career aptitude test offered at the Holland site is complex and thorough, lasting 30 minutes and costing a nominal fee. Developed in accordance with guidelines set by the National Career Development Association (NCDA), this career aptitude test provides a well-rounded analysis of a person’s intellectual and emotional assets. Test results are entirely confidential and can be viewed immediately at the end of the test. In addition, the in-depth report following each career aptitude test provides recommended occupations that will suit your interests and abilities. Take the John Holland career aptitude test.

Best Career Aptitude Tests: #4. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI

From the University of Missouri comes a Career Interests Game which is based on the Holland categories discussed above (#3). This career aptitude test (game) is free and fun to take. Discover the 6 color categories, each representing a career aptitude persona. You may be primarily one color or, like most people, a combination of 2 or more. The 6 color categories are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional. Play the game to find out which career aptitude persona you are, then learn more about each group. Visit the University of Missouri Career Aptitude Game.

Best Career Aptitude Tests: #5. JOB HUNTERS BIBLE

From best-selling career counselor, Richard Nelson Bolles, comes a fantastic website filled with career aptitude test information and much more. Discover a list of resources to guide not only in taking career test but in choosing the right one for you, as well as preparing yourself for the test. Furthermore, learn how to take the results of career aptitude tests with a grain of salt. Discover the Career Interests Game, Career Key, the Hot Jobs Tests and others. It’s a treasure trove of career aptitude guidance from a wise authority you can trust.

Worst Career Aptitude Tests: WARNING!

Just as the best career aptitude tests will further your understanding of yourself and the road to personal fulfillment, the worst career aptitude tests will limit your horizons with false information. Many websites promise full consultations and advice once you take their expensive career test online. Avoid those on principal. If any online website asks for anything more than a nominal fee, be suspicious. As an example for a career test website to avoid visit Personality Desk. Unless you are meeting with a professional career counselor or psychologist, and conducting career aptitude tests one-on-one, there is no justification for charging high costs for standard career aptitude tests that are done online.


1. Bolles, Richard Nelson. What Color Is Your Parachute? Job Hunting In Hard Times Edition. Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, Toronto, Canada. 2009.

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