3D Training Institute Launches New Inventor Training Program

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

3D Training Institute (3DTi) announces a launch of new Inventor classes starting August 2012. Inventor is growing in popularity due to its ability to take the user beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping by enabling them to produce an accurate 3D model that can help them design and simulate the products before they are built. Digital Prototyping with Inventor provides companies with an opportunity to design better products, reduce development costs, and get to market faster.

At 3d Training Institute (3DTi) theInventor training programs will be an addition to already successful 3ds Max, Maya, and Revit programs and will be offered through the same unique Production Based method. After going through the entire program the participants will gain the production skills required to enhance their marketability and undertake professional work in a very short amount of time.

Participants will learn the Inventor software by working on diverse projects and creating high-quality documents, plus 3D renderings for client presentations using some of the new features included with the latest version of Autodesk Inventor software.

Beyond just teaching the software, the 3DTi Inventor Production Based Programs will have a focus on presentations which are essential, even for engineers. In the programs students will use Autodesk Showcase to get a photo realistic render (see image on the right).

3D Training Institute will offer two Inventor programs, a beginner four week class where participants will create a robotic vehicle, and an Intermediate twelve week program where the projects covered are new commercial project design, a stress analysis and simulation project, and a small aircraft design.

After completing the training program the students will have gained the skills to create a demo-reel with professional projects and be ready to undertake similar projects on their own. The students who have completed the 12-week Inventor 3D Project Based Course (3D PBC) will receive an extensive one year of post class support that includes monthly Alumni Workshops to keep your skills current with the latest updates in 3D Software.

3DTi Inventor Programsare ideal for a number of different candidates, including; professionals working in the field and looking to improve their skills with the latest version of the software, intermediate-level users looking to improve their current skills and portfolio, beginners looking to explore new career options in the manufacturing industry, and those who are looking to prepare for Autodesk Certification.

About 3D Training Institute:

3D Training Institute (3DTi), is the industry's leading provider of live-online, production-based training programs in Autodesk's 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, AutoCAD & Inventor software.

The training is conducted in a simulated production environment built upon its unique Learn-Practice-WorkTM approach. Utilizing a focused, project-based course, students gain the expertise needed to get ready to work on real world projects.

3DTi’s close ties to the animation industry, provides students with insights into the latest trends in the industry, and work opportunities. Located in New York, 3DTraining offers online courses conducted during the week end and evenings for beginners and professionals.

For more information or to obtain images/videos of student work samples, please contact Brandy Burton at (877) 746 4338 ext. 86, e-mail: press(at)3dtraining(dot)com, or visit http://www.3dtraining.com