3 Tips For Building Brute Strength.

Tired of lifting same weights every time you go to the gym? Well, you are not alone. A time comes in every bodybuilder’s life when he or she is unable to increase the poundage and this time is known as bodybuilding plateau. Such a situation is almost unavoidable but some steps can be taken to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. In this article, you will find some very effective tips for building brute strength so that you can lift like an animal in the gym.


Decrease the Training Frequency.

One of the main reasons why people hit the bodybuilding plateau is that they train too often and don’t give their body enough time to recover and grow. In order to make constant progress, it is important that you don’t over train any muscle group. Training any body part more than once a week (with the exception of abs) is just like asking for trouble because more often than not, over training leads to injuries. Always give your body ample time to recover from grueling workouts and even take a week or two off from training for this purpose.

Spend Less Time in the Gym.

Another major mistake made by most of the amateurs is that they spend hours and hours in the gym in an attempt to build bigger muscles and gain more strength. The reality however, is exactly the opposite. The more time spent on weight training means more muscle breakage which means that your body requires much more time to recover. For maximum strength gains, your workouts should not last for more than 45 minutes regardless of the body part you are training.

Eat More Carbs.

The Carbohydrates that we get from food work as fuel for our body and provide us the energy to go heavy in the gym. The body starts using your muscles as fuel if you don’t eat enough carbs before your workout. Moreover, it is important that you eat slow digesting carbs like oatmeal or sweet potatoes before you train so that your body gets a constant supply of energy throughout your workouts.