12 Tips for High School Students Seeking Merit Aid for College

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

High school is about to start, or just started, clubs will be forming, and sports teams will start recruiting. Now is the time to lay the groundwork for merit aid, recommend college advisors at International College Counselors. Merit Aid is financial help to students based on academic or athletic achievements, special talents such as music, or other characteristics. It is money available to students regardless of their “need,” meaning not awarded based on the student's economic situation. Almost every traditional four-year college, public or private, offers some form of merit aid.

To get merit aid a student needs to show that he or she has reached a higher level of achievement with grades, test scores, leadership ability, artistic ability or even a hobby, like video gaming or knitting. Yes, there are actually scholarships for these latter skills.